Student Drop Off Policy

Procedure for Student Drop Off

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures are in place to help ensure the safety of our student body. Our school is locked during school hours. Entrance is available by pressing the buzzer located near the gymnasium.

Finally, for security purposes, individuals will not be able to gain access (through custodial staff) to classrooms after school hours. Thank you for your cooperation.

District Student Dismissal Precautions Policy:

Our policy allows students to be released to either parent unless a custodial parent supplies the school with a certified copy of a court order or divorce decree to the contrary. No student may be released from school to anyone other than the parent, guardian, or child protective services personnel and law enforcement officers pursuant to law, unless the individual's name seeking release of the student appears on a list provided by the parent or guardian.

Parents or guardians may submit a list of individuals authorized to obtain the release of their children from school at the time of the child's enrollment. A parent/guardian may amend a list submitted pursuant to this regulation at any time, in writing. Certified copies of any court orders* or divorce decrees provided by the custodial parent, which restrict a parent's ability to seek the release of his or her child, shall be maintained in the district offices. If anyone seeks the release from school of a student, he/she must report to the school office and present satisfactory identification to school personnel.

*It is the parent's responsibility to make the school aware of any legal custody agreements pertaining to their child (ren). A copy of legal custody papers should be submitted to the main office.