Counseling Services

Support Services

The goal of the counseling program at Saranac Elementary School is to provide the correct supports for each student to optimize their potential, academically, socially, emotionally and behaviorally. We want our students to thrive not just survive. Our belief is that every student can succeed at Saranac Elementary with the proper support.

We are a PBIS school. Therefore we provide Supports for our students on three levels to meet our goal of success for all students.

  1. Supports that we provide to all students.
    • Star slips, Star Club, Star Club Membership Perks, Block Parties, Classroom Parties
    • Social/Emotional education for all students. Character education for all students.
    • After school clubs
  2. Supports we provide to about 15% students. For students who need just a little extra support in the right area. The following are considered Tier II Supports for our students:
    • Check in/check out
    • Social skills clubsShort term individual counseling
    • Teacher consultation
    • Parent consultation
    • Peer mediation
    • Mentor program
    • Meaningful work program
  3. Intensive supports for just a few students. These supports are highly individualized and intense. These supports are best implemented with a high level of parental involvement. At this level we are working on a plan with a team of family members and other adults who support the child. These supports may include but are not limited to the following:
    • wrap around plan, referral to outside agencies and services, medication management program.

Counseling Curriculum - Classroom Programs

Second Step- a researched based program provided to all students in grades k-5. The information presented and practiced includes:

  • Skills for learning, Self-Regulation, Empathy, Emotional Management, and Problem solving.

Too good for drugs- A research based developmentally appropriate curriculum provided to students k-4. Students are taught about healthy choices, Goal setting, safety regarding medication and a host of other important information.

Stop Walk and Talk

All students are taught this simple three step approach to dealing with disrespect. Students may use Stop, Walk Talk when they are being disrespected or they may use it when someone else is being disresected. The goal of this program is to prevent bulling by teaching students to stand up for what is right. It also helps student to learn to handle small situations on their own. Students are also taught the appropriate time to go directly to an adult for help.


Students may receive individual counseling. Students may be referred by the parents/guardians, faculty, administration or by the student themselves.

The contents of the counseling sessions are kept confidential.

The exceptions to this rule are:

1.) If a student wishes me to share certain items with parents or teachers.
2.) If the student is in danger.
3.) If counselor is compelled to share information with a court of law.

Communicating with parents is a very important part of our jobs. We encourage as much communication as possible but balance that with the students ability to share sensitive information in a safe environment.

It is very important that the students know that they can trust the counselor. Therefore we must decline to share confidential student information derived from a counseling session with the parents or anyone else unless we have the student's permission to do so.